40k+ views on Youtube in 2 months

SellerAider is a SaaS that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to empower online resellers. Their mission is to simplify the selling process, enhance user experience, and help online businesses thrive on marketplaces.

We’ve worked SellerAider on their instagram account, read more about this here: https://tapeflux.com/how-a-saas-grew-organic-followers-with-video/

Challenge: Expanding Reach on Youtube

SellerAider has great written search authority for reselling content. They are looking to grow their authority on video search results which has less competition but has been untapped by them.

Solution: Tapeflux’s Expert Youtube Content Management

SellerAider partnered with Tapeflux, to create niche relevant Youtube videos that boost traffic to their website and increase brand awareness. The goal is to make SellerAider a topic authority on reselling not only on their blog but on video as well.

How we did it: Crafting a Tailored Content Plan

  1. Content Planning: Using our internal keyword research system. Tapeflux created a content plan of high search volume keywords in the reselling niche.
  2. Script Writing: We developed video scripts that boost retention while also growing awareness of the brand.
  3. Brand Integration: To ensure brand consistency, Tapeflux seamlessly integrated SellerAider’s branding elements into the videos via the thumbnails.

Results: 40k+ views on Youtube in 2 months

Our approach has managed to acquire 10k+ views each month for the SellerAider Youtube channel. We expect to go beyond >100k views before the end of the year.

Ready to Grow with Video?

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