How a SaaS Grew Organic Followers with Short Video

SellerAider is a SaaS that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to empower online resellers. Their mission is to simplify the selling process, enhance user experience, and help online businesses thrive on marketplaces.

Challenge: Expanding Reach and Engagement

SellerAider recognized the need to elevate its online presence to engage a broader audience of online sellers. With an increasingly competitive market, they aimed to stand out and connect with their target audience more effectively.

Solution: Tapeflux’s Expert Video Production Services

SellerAider partnered with Tapeflux, to create relatable social media video content as well as help tutorials for their customer base. Tapeflux collaborated closely with SellerAider to understand their brand, values, and target audience.

How we did it: Crafting a Tailored Content Plan

  1. Audience Analysis: Tapeflux conducted a thorough analysis of SellerAider’s target audience—resellers. We assessed what was working for accounts targeting a similar audience and what wasn’t.
  2. Content Conceptualization: Leveraging our creative expertise, Tapeflux proposed a series of engaging and informative videos. These included tutorials on using SellerAider’s tools, relatable memes, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the platform’s development.
  3. Brand Integration: To ensure brand consistency, Tapeflux seamlessly integrated SellerAider’s branding elements into the videos. This included the use of logos, color schemes, and messaging that resonated with the target audience.
  4. Multi-Platform Approach: Recognizing the diverse online presence of SellerAider’s audience, Tapeflux developed a multi-platform strategy. Videos were optimized for various platforms, including social media (Instagram), YouTube, and the SellerAider website.

Execution: Bringing the Vision to Life

Tapeflux executed the content plan with precision, combining high-quality visuals, engaging storytelling, and strategic messaging. The videos showcased the value proposition of SellerAider in a way that resonated with resellers, addressing their pain points and highlighting the platform’s unique features.

Results: 5% Month-over-Month Instagram follower growth & Increased Organic Traffic

  1. Increased Engagement: SellerAider experienced a significant boost in engagement on Instagram and on its website. The videos effectively captured the attention of the target audience, with several videos achieving over 10k views.
  2. Growing Follower Base: Tapeflux’s strategic approach led to a substantial 5% MoM increase in SellerAider’s follower base. The content resonated with online sellers, attracting new users and fostering a sense of community around the SellerAider brand.
  3. Measurable Impact: Tapeflux provided SellerAider with analytics and insights to measure the success of the video campaign.

Wrapping Up: A Lasting Partnership for Ongoing Success

  • Our work with SellerAider shows the transformative power of strategic and consistent video content.
  • By creating content with a deep understanding of the target audience: SellerAider not only expanded its reach but also fostered a stronger connection with its online seller community.

Ready to Grow with Video?

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